Software Description

The full version software contains the following features:

  • Allows the Phyta-Platform to be configured from the PC.
  • Ethernet Connection to Phyta-Platform is supported.
  • Both conventional windows GUI and web browser interface. Note: web server not supported on Windows XP Home Edition.
  • Updates the seasonal temperature and lighting variation tables.
  • Updates the Phyta-Platform’s program and timer names.
  • Allows user control of all the devices connected to the Phyta-Platform.
  • Continuous monitoring and graphing of all parameters measured by the Phyta-Platform.
  • Phyta-Platform controlled event monitoring.
  • Automatically downloads and graphs the data log (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs available).
  • Advanced graphing functions
  • File output of all monitored parameters so that they can be imported into other data analysis tools (i.e. Microsoft Excel).
  • Integrated database. A complete electronic notebook on the conditions and algae in your Phyta-Platform
  • Alarm notification via email, pager, or shell command of tank error conditions.
  • Graphic Database Explorer
  • Automatically set the Phyta-Platform’s Clock/Date.
  • Remote access to the Phyta-Platform via a modem or TCP/IP connection.
  • Support for direct modem connection to a Phyta-Platform
  • Support for hardwired serial connection to a Phyta-Platform
  • On-Line Help

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