Phyta-Platform Photobioreactor

The Phyta-Platform Photobioreactor offers superior control over the inputs of photosynthetic reactions in microalgae.


The Phyta-Platform tubular Photobioreactor has the most rigid frame available on to day’s market. The frame itself is able to withstand a 130 M.P.H. wind load. All construction is made of high grade 316 Stainless Steel and heavy duty aluminum. The photo tubes can be made from food grade Poly carbonate, PVC that has a … Continue reading

Software Description

The full version software contains the following features: Allows the Phyta-Platform to be configured from the PC. Ethernet Connection to Phyta-Platform is supported. Both conventional windows GUI and web browser interface. Note: web server not supported on Windows XP Home Edition. Updates the seasonal temperature and lighting variation tables. Updates the Phyta-Platform’s program and timer … Continue reading

Photobioreactor Basics

A Photobioreactor is a closed looped system for the cultivation of monoculture micro algae. These systems incorporate a light source to provide Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PAR) to be input into the Photobioreactor. This light source can be natural sunlight, or an artificial light such as LED. All Photobioreactor have some sort of monitoring and control … Continue reading


Culturing Solutions, Inc. holds the keys to success for making Algae a reality as a leading feedstock for Biodiesel production. This has been achieved through the development of the Phyta-Platform and the downstream process to extract the lipids easily and economically Biodiesel is the fastest growing renewable fuel in the United States with an average … Continue reading